Miscellaneous Updates

In Case you all have wondered: I still don’t have a new monitor for my main computer. I just can’t decide. The guy in the computer shop keeps telling me I need a fancy big one or my graphics stuff will never look decent on other people’s comps and a new graphics card to go with it. I guess he’s right, but I’m kinda unwilling to spend that much money on tech stuff, because I recently bought a new toy, this netbook. My recent postings come to you via this one, and while it is a fun thing to carry arround the smallish keyboard takes time to get used to and the monitor gives a tint of cyan to everything.


Since a catchup month for stitch explorer is upcoming I decided to put anything else away until then and start working on needleweaving. The fabric shop had linen fabrics on special offer, so I couldn’t resist and bought this lavander one and thread to go with it. But when I started pulling out threads I realized this won’t work. The fabric is closer to an evenweave than the one I used for the assisi piece, but the treads it is made of are fuzzy and very likely to break when exposed. So I’ll save this for some other project and use something else for needleweaving.


One more progress shot from my assisi piece. This is very good work to do on the comute when I’m tired anyway. I didn’twant to taqke it off the hoop for the photograph becasue the fabric is a bit stretchy and difficult to align correctly in a hoop.


I spend most of the weekend in the garden, weediing and digging, but I won’t clog your bandwidth with shots of that. But I also started my needleweaving piece, expect a posting about that sometime during the week when I have worked on it some more.


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