TAST2 buttonhole stitch

This is another posting about take a stitch tuesday. Buttonhole stitch is an old favourite, so it wasn’t difficult. I just didn’t have much time for it after fiddling with the herring bone stitch so long, so i only have a few fragments.

wide border in laced buttonhole overlaid with herringbone stitch

This is a border design. Two rows of buttonhole stitch were laced with knitting yarn in herringbone fashion, then the knitting yarn was tied down with a small row of herringbone in silver thread.

flowers and leaves made of buttonhole stitch

This one shows different leaves and flowers. The most left leaf is padded buttonhole, that means under the buttonhole stitches there are multible layers of satin stitches. The small upper leaf at the left flower is made of buttonhole stitches pointing in alternating directions. This is often counted as a separate stitch, called fishbone stitch. The other leaves are just different arrangements of plain buttonhole stitch.

Doing buttonholes on the green jute scrim band was a challenge because buttonhole stitches pull the loose material too much. It only worked because the buttonhole wheels on this only worked because they are padded either.


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