Tast 1 – Herringbone stitch

This block is mainly about the take a stitch tuesday(tast) challenge from Sharon Bogon . Basically, it’s about trying out a new embroidery stitch every week.

When starting this, I decided I would do a DIN-A-4 sized sampler for every stitch. That would give me enough room to play. I originally intended to iron them on semi-rigid vilene and keep them in a ring binder, but I’m no longer sure about that. Originally I did have a “spend no money on this” policy in place, but that faltered quickly once I went to browse the embroidery shops again and saw all these wonderful yarns. But I did use scrap fabric had at home.

Now, the first stitch was herringbone. I learned this one at elementary school and hated it with a passion back then. Consequently, I struggled with it quite a bit. This sampler took me all January, and is still a WIP

I did some drawn thread work with it, and that was the part i enjoyed most. The little flower is shadow stitch on organza. Shadow stitch is herringbone stitch done on the back side of transparent fabric. The red thing is a leftover from a crochet project I was working on during the same time. Couldn’t resist adding it, although it doesn’t fit too well.

Now here it is, please click on the picture to see it full size.

herringbone stitch sampler



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