Procrastination and TAST 2

Now I’ve spent my time choosing and configuring a new theme instead of whipping up a proper blog post. Me bad.

Also, I’m behind with Sharon B’s challenge, which has barely begun. Here are a few pics of what little I did for it.

Here I just practiced knotted diamond stitch.

Next, I worked it over satin stitches, this was not too successful because it doesn’t hold them down very good.

One response to “Procrastination and TAST 2

  • cat

    Hello Tenar! Wonderful to see you back blogging again. I obviously missed some new posts there. I love your sketches – that one using the glass pen is really cool love the scratchy texture. I have a glass pen and have been pondering using it for some time.

    I really like your knotted diamond stitch here. Reminds me of a garden trellis.


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