Coincidences and Stitch Explorer

One day last week, I was so incredibly sick of work, so I decided to leave on time (which I can’t do often these days) and go do something nice for myself. I thought oh well, this book from Lynda Monk, Stitching the Textured Surface, would make a good present for myself. Let’s go see if the quilt shop has it. Indeed they did. When I paid the Lady told me she had put it onto the shelf only 15 mins ago.

This weeks stitch explorer challenge is to use something for embroidery we wouldn’t normally use. I have already stitched on all kinds of weird backgrounds, but never molding paste of all things, so it fits.

Today I started experimenting. I have a good selection of acrylic gels and molding pastes, so I applied them to little scraps of tyvek. I’m planning to colour and distress them and then sew them onto a sampler. I’m not going to be too verbose about the process because it is Lynda’s invention, and I sure don’t want to infringe her moral or legal rights.

The first two pics show all the scraps I did, the last one is a closeup of an especially sandy molding paste.





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