Tif February – just doodling

I was too tired after work to plan something, so I just did what came to my mind when looking at the colours. desert scene with dramatic sky. Somehow I always associated war with arid countries, but I don’t want to add peace signs, tanks or similar kitsch to this. Maybe I’ll have an idea, maybe not.This is roughly postcard sized, I wanted to be sure I start something I can actually finish during February. It was done by ironing painted bondaweb on beige evenwave fabric and then ironing orange polyester organza on top. The last step was hard to do because organza mustn’t get as hot as bondaweb should in order to melt properly. In a second step, I started stitching it with kantha-like running stitches. I’m not done jet, and I’m also not sure if I’ll leave it as is when I’m done or add some more embelishment.

tif 2 - February

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