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Colours of Hawthorn

So here it is, my finished piece for Sharon’s sumptuous surfaces class.
It is a study of the colours of a hawthorn flower, see
The inspiration photograph
the design process


Sumptuous Surfaces Class

this is my second project of Sharon’s class. The hawthorn picture of the last posting was my inspiration for this. I played with a computer program to extract a color scheme, here you see the result.It is a harmonious scheme, green, violet and blue. below them you see their complementary colors which are missing in that scheme. May be I’m going to add dashes of them in the finished piece.

I also show the yarn I want to use and my start of the finished piece. it is half the size of a postcard.








Right now, I’m busy doing Sharon’s online class, Sumptuous Surfaces. This is really keeping me busy. I can’t even find the time to write a comprehensive blog post about it. So I show something older. Before easter, I did some stitched eastereggs. They were done on cotton fabric and my mother glued them onto natural size plastic eggs. I gave the green one one to a coworker for easter, my mother got to keep the other two. The last one will be finished next easter I guess. It’s not like easter’s not going to come next year after all.

The green and the orange/hot pink one are own designs, the orange one is loosely based on a pattern from an old embroidery magazine.The green one is in Coats #8 perle cotton and DMC cotton a broder 25, the other two are in 2 strands of stranded cotton. The fabric is fine eavenwave cotton, I have no idea which. A local needlework shop sells it in “easteregg stripes” just wide enough for an easteregg.





Wordless Wednesday – Inside Joke


TAST 110 – Rope Stitch

As already told, I had a fresh go at TAST by Sharonthe last three weeks. Here is the actual stitch – rope stitch.

This is a variant of twisted chain stitch, but it looks a bit like an extra-fat stem stitch and is usually used in the same way. this stitch was truly new to me and it took a few trials to get used to. At the beginning of my sample, I just did lines of the stitch in all threads I had spontaneously availiable. Then I stitched the little twig and leaf motif, where I used this stitch as a line stitch for the twig and a fillig stitch for the upper part of the leaf. Sorry the motif is not perfect, I did not draw it beforehand.

I enjoyed this stitch, especially as a line stitch. As a filling stitch, I found it hard to keep even and well aligned wit previous rows. I think I prefer stem stitch for that, which gives a very similar look.


I’m still out there..

Hello, I know it’s been a while, sorry for that. Life got in the way, and I wasn’t stitching that much anyway.

I hope things will get much more interesting again. I started to work on Sharons TAST challenge again, and I signed up for her sumptuos surfaces class. Here are some spring pics from a walk in the nearby forests.  The frogs are fire-bellied toads, the tadpoles are most probably future grass frogs. Stitching soon to come.




Tutorial – Handmade Hem on Aida Fabric

I did stitch a lot and am almost done with chatchup, but I’m away from my scanner and don’t have good light for photographs right now. So I show you what else I’ve been up to.

I like that sampler better now than in the beginning, but I long for some on grid work anyway, to make things easier and faster. So, my next sampler is going to be a sampler an aida band. So I bought a ready-made band, but of course the short sides need some finishing anyway.

I’m showing you how I’ve done it.

First, I secured the edge with nun stitch, but you coulod as well glue or machine stitch it. I know it doesn’t look good but it will be invisible in the finished piece.

I wanted to create a sort of tube where I can insert hardware for hanging the samokler. So I folded the fabric to create the tube. I made the piece inside the tube as wide as the tube, otherwise it might show.

Next step is to draw out the threads for the drawn thread hem. For that, I cut them in the middle of the fabric strip and carefully drew them out of the warp going from the middle to the sides. On store-bought aida bands it is almost impossible to draw the threads out of the woven sides, so I glue the weft threads there later to secure them. this will be on the back of the work anyway.

Next, I pinned the fabric in place before the stitching.

For stitching, I turned the work over to stitch from the right side. Usually you do the hem stitches from the wrong side for a cleaner look, but on aida and other easiely countable fabric, I never manage to hit the correct holes in the fabric on the side I’m not lookfing at, so it won’t slook clean at all.

Well, here’s how the plain hem stitch is done.

Now this s the finished thing. It still needs cutting off the loose ends, I want to glue over them once more before that. I know there’s a mistake in it, but can’t be assed to undo it.


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