Random Art Inspirations

This week, I tried and collected all the blog postings I found useful or an inspiration in a special way. This was for my own good, but of course I want to share them. I hope the folks I mention don’t mind.

Ayu Baker is studying to be an illustrator and uses, among other media, embroidery. have a look at her embroidered brain anatomy.

A blog about India has published a good post about kantha embroidery.

Karen Johnson has a wonderful blog about nature, as seen in photographs and sketches. This week she has studied a moth.

Gun Marie Nälsen has done, among other things, a fresstyle woven tapestry in an embroidery hoop, which is of course right up my alley.

Sue Jones of tortoiseshell loft was recommended a fascinating book about mordvin costume and embroidery. She explains and explores one stitch from the book. If you have the faintest interest in ethnic embroidery do download the book, it is in German and Finish but the plates need no language.

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