Stitch Sunday- The Challenge

I told you yesterday of my idea – a challenge for me and you. On every sunday starting the next, I will post a stitch description and a few examples for the use of that stitch. Every one who wants to stitch along does so, posts a picture on their blog and a comment to my original posting.

You can do a sampler, little samples or just use the stitch on whatever you happen to work on at the moment. There will be no official participant list and no preassure to take part every week. However, I would appreciate a comment here if you want to take part, so I know I’m not just talking to myself and a bunch of crawler bots here.

The fun will start with the first stitch next sunday, so you have time for any preparation you want to do. I have written a program for 12 Weeks, after that I will rethink if I go on with this or not. And maybe Sharon Bogon resumes her well-known challenge by then.


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