Sampler, Part 3

OK, I guess the text of these posts gets boring, but I have no idea how to make that un-boring (is this even a word?)

So here we go. This section shows some more TAST stitches, buttonhole wheel cup, and some other buttonhole wheel variant, namely whipped and woven buttonhole wheels.

The last row is my take on beaded feathered chain stitch.



2 responses to “Sampler, Part 3

  • Crazyqstitcher

    Lovely samples. I’m quite taken with the large wheel in the top section. Have you used more spokes to get it looking so full?


    • Tenar

      I’m not sure which one you mean. You can always use as many spokes you want with those. One large wheel has another row of buttonhole stitches worked arround the first wheel. The other big ones are whipped or woven in some fashion.
      May be I should do a buttonhole wheel variants tutorial, what do you think?


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