In Extremo

Between years, I was at a concert of In Extremo. They play metal with a medieval tough. And boy did they play! I’ve seen them many years ago, back then they did more medieval than metal, but this time they were as loud and hard as can be. but still had backpipes.

On another note, I am disappointed with my new camera. Good as it is in good light, it did a lousy job that night. I used ISO 400 fixed and changed between manual mode and image noise suppression mode, and still everything is full of image noise! I have yet to find a small cam which is useful during concerts. Any ideas anyone?

Well, the first band were Nemesea, they were kind of interesting but I so did not like the voice of the singer, and she does not sound better on youtube at all.

Now, there are the pics of the heros of that night!


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