Fly Stitch 2 – TAST 1

So this is the second posting for Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012 Challenge Information page– It is still about fly stitch.

I called in sick because of the tummy bug, so lots of stitching time. I continued with my sampler and the fly stitches.

The little bell in tis section was attached to some sweets I got from a patient at the hospital where I work. I added it to comemmorate the festive seasons and all the niceties from random people I recieved. The band was couched down using fly stitches, of course. The section also shows stray little fly stitches used as filling, on one side regular, on one side random. There are few things you can’t do with fly stitch.

This section shows fly stitch threaded with another thread and fly stitch used to couch down thick wool to fill a larger area. Both variants are from Jaqueline Enthoven’s book. The last row are big herringbone stitches tied down with fly stitches. That one is from Sharon Bs original posting.

The first part of this section shows freeform leaves and ferns. Some of them have wipped stems. You just do fly stitches with legs next to each other and then wip or lace the stitches like you would with back stitches.
The next two rows are combunations of fly stitches and cross stitches/ straight stitches (the latter ones in violet in each row)
The next row is fly and two ties stitch from Jaqueline Enthoven, together with little cross stitches. The last row is twisted fly and two ties, again from Enthoven’s book. Both are nice stitches I will want to explore further one day.

For those who didn’t read it: before i knew that TAST will run again I set myself two challenges:
a) work a sampler or two in order to learn all the stitches in Jaqueline Enthoven’s ” The Stitches of Creative Embroidery”
b) make a dent in my UFO pile
I try to combine those with TAST

This section shows some patterns done from fly stitches. It taught me that such patterns should be planned on paper and be done on easiely countable evenweave to be effective.
The last rows show zig zag fly stitch from Enthoven’s book. I did not really like this one because it pulls out of shape easiely. In the last row, I tied down the loops with little straight stitches, this version might have potential as a decorative border stitch.

The last row is the first row of buttonhole stitch. just couldn’t resist last night.


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