General “Life is Good” Posting

Sorry the chaotic timeline, the pics here are from the last two weeks. I just HAD to post about Dennis Hopper first. Life is good these days, even when it’s not exactly wild.

About fiber content: I’m knitting like mad, and stitching a little. But this is all slow work, and seeing scarves grow in 10 cm steps and embroidery in square centimeters would only bore you. Charting knitting or crochet is also tendious and time consuming. You will eventually see such content again.

Sketch of a peony that will soon open, done during a short break while inline skating.

Another sketch from another inline skating afternoon. I did this one standing under a bridge by the river, without taking my hand gear off, so it’s kinda simple.

A pond in the woods.

Wee little swans in the park, I see them often on my way home. There are eight of them this year.

Father hugo’s rose, one of my favourite once flowering roses. Unfortunately, they don’t quite like the climate of mx hometown, so this one is no impressive shrub I could showcase whole.


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