Finish !!

Rose in the Rain

Acrylics and stitching with cotton floss on mulbery paper.
Size: 28*40 cm

So i finally managed to finish something, or at least think so. I always find it hard to know where to stop with free embroidery, but I do think I am done on this one. I’m not yet sure if I should present this behind glass or glue it onto a box canvas and seal it. Suggestions? Probably this will be decided when/if I ever get round to having a show.

Stitching on paper was a new experience, but a fun one. I think I’ll be doing this again, but next time I’ll probably glue the paper on muslin for stability or go for proper fabric paper in the first place. It got rather soft from handling by the time I was done. I did take in progress shots, posts about the process will follow.

I designed this and started work last winter, when I had bad neck pain and headaches for months. I think it shows, and I’m not sure I like that. What do you think?

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