Work in Progress Wednesday: mostly knitting

There is so much going on, I don’t quite know where to start. Of late I have been knitting lots again. I went through Victorian Lace Today and tried out more patterns.

The first one is real lace, with patterned purl rows. It doesn’t look too impressive, I think it calls for bigger needles, and of course getting blocked.

The second one is basically the same, just with differently aligned directional decreases and unpatterned purl rows thrown in. Therefore no true lace, and much easier to knit. In the second repeat I added a purl stitch in the center of the leaves to give them more structure. I do like this pattern.

The next one is again no true lace. It is done without cables, just with cleverly placed dirctional decreases. I like this very much, but not on a narrow scarf.

After that I started thinking. What I really want to do next is a scarf which will stand everyday’s wear and tear, is washable and not too slow to knit up. None of the lace scarfs from the book seems to fit the bill, so I’ll need to design something myself.
I took the true lace pattern from two weeks ago (also from Victorian Lace Today) and added in plainly purled back rows and directional decreases. This makes for a rather standard modern diamond pattern. I think this is going to be my scarf. I still can do something more lacy on another occasion then.

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