Sketchcrawl Once More

So it was sketchcrawl again, and I was there. Well, this is the group. I’m the second one from the right. The others had fun too, see our forum post here. We met at deursches Museum, which is all abour science and ingeneering.

Well, this was my stab at drawing a historical aircraft. I’m never good at things that are far away.

This is a Maggi bottle from the glass and ceramics department. Maggi is the German answer to theriaki sauce. Karin gave me a waterbrush she had found in a shop recently, this does make working with water soluble pencils easier and less messy.

Afret that we had lunch break, and I bought a glass quill from a glassmaker who was demonstrating his craft at the glass departement. I tried it out on the coke bottle next to the maggi bottle. The wine glass was mostly done using ink and the waterbrush. The brown thing is a wooden needle from the stone age.

After another coffee break, I tried my hand at the model of a primitive windmill. Same problem as with the aircraft, but it turned out better because the model was smaller.

We had a great day, should you wish to join us next time follow the sketchcrawl forum, the next dates are already up and we will post our plans there in due time.


2 responses to “Sketchcrawl Once More

  • worksofhands

    Hi Tenar,
    I want to join Sketchcrawl too. Is there a group here in Berlin already that I can join in? It will be fun to go out sometime. It will be a break from stitching and working. ^_^



    • worksofhands

      I already joined the forum. I guess there is a small group of sketchcrawlers there too. thanks for this post, I get to continue my sketching hobby. ^_^


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