What’s Going On

Since I’m back online I have been surfing a lot, and want to share a thing or two I found.

Shelley from mermaidspurse has posted a very wonderful tutorial on stitching pink carnations in needleweaving. Do check it out!

Meri has posted instructions on a surface stitch I’ve never seen before, it is somewhat similar to palestina stitch in appearance. I have jet to try it but it looks great.

Johnny Murder at donkeywolf is the guy who seems to have coined the term manbroidery, and his work is spectacular. He is sharing the blog with his partner Penny, she is, among other things, interested in spinning and working with her own yarn.

Ricard Saja blogs at historically inaccurate, naother “manbroiderer” who does surface embroidery over printed fabrics, and other fun and thoughtful things. (Warning! not work save)

To add a little bit of eye candy, here is a sneak peak on the oddity I’ve been working on on the commute last week. Yes, it’s a self-designed round-filet doily, but the design prooved unsuccessful (it won’t lie flat). No more on this, exept when I ever get round to fixing it. I’m prone to create such things when lovesick LOL (or just generally insane).

I also have new pets – lots of them. But that is a story for another day.


2 responses to “What’s Going On

  • meri

    Thanks for mentioning my post about a new stitch for you. Hope somebody can name it in English or German or any other language.
    It’s a very old Portuguese stitch – I could name it as “old grilhão stitch” but I know it is hard to spell it in English…

    About “manbroiderer” do you know Vincent from worksofhands.wordpress? he lives in Berlin.


  • Shelley

    That was a surprise ………… seeing that you’ve mentioned my blog! Like you, I love needleweaving and it’s amazing what one can do with shapes and colours! I’ve been catching up with your blog …………. it’s really interesting with all the weaving and your tutorials for improvising without a loom as such!


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