Stitch Explorer – pattern darning

Meh, I’ve been a bad blogger. Couldn’t tell you the reasons without a lot of whining and complaining so I don’t.

Anyway, I wasn’t just as lazy about stitching. Here is a tryout piece for stitch explorer, the patterns are all my own invention, although I can’t guarantee that no one else has invented the same ones before. Sharon is true: there are neverending possibilities for patterns.

Tip: When looking for fresh ones look into patterns for twill weaving or fair isle knitting, most of these can be adapted. The same goes for much monochrome cross stitch stuff.

maybe I’ll post details/patterns of this one later to milk it for more blog postings later.

This sample is done on close to evenweave pale lavander dress linen, wonderful soft stuff that.
It is postcard sized and done using 3 strands of regular 6stranded floss, valdani hand-dyed pearl cotton (in size between regular 8 and 12) and Gueterman 100% Silk buttonhole machine thread (love that one, but it’s expensive).


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