Critters of the Week

I’ve not got that much new stuff to show, so here are a few pics I took during the last two weeks, dokumenting the creatures I chanced upon.

A rather battered butterfly, maybe that also was the reason why the poor thing ignored me while eating, allowing me closeup photographs. It was tiny, only about 2 cm, the pic is enlarged 2fold.


This is a spider, it was so satisfied with the world that it didn’t bother to eat that other bug.


I met this pidgeon at Munich main station. Isn’t he beautiful?


This dragonfly hatched at the garden pond, we took it inside to dry and learn how to fly so that the sparrows won’t ear it.


The last one is a male bee (I think). I saw it late in the evening, on my way home, so it was cold and slow so that I could photograph it close up.


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