I’ve Seen ‘Die Toten Hosen’ Life!

Well, for those who don’t know: it’s a German punk band.THE German punk band. They exist since I was a kid and I discovered them sometime in my teens. The memories!

I went to their concert yesterday. It was so great. The crowd was singing almost louder than the band, I didn’t really see much because we were way way behind the last wave breaker. The place was so fully packed, I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the front rows. But the atmosphere was the most wonderful I ever experienced at a concert. There were people from about 6 to 60 and everybody was daning, singing and having so much fun. The newspapers write they sold 8300 tickets, and all of them where gone months ago (got mine on the first sale day).

We went there by train, so we went to a club after that, and got home 6 a.m next day. I didn’t get any really good photographs, was too busy dancing and singing, and more far away from the stage than I usually am in smaller halls.

The stage, and a look into the crowds


The support act, ‘The Living End’. More rock than punk, but good enough to make everybody go crazy. Will have to check them out.


Here they are, the heros of that night, Die toten Hosen.



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