Two Old Needleweaving Pieces

The needleweaving month is over in a day or so, and it was a technique I really loved to revisit. Time really has flown this month, and despite the netbook I couldn’t photograph and blog stuff as fast as I was making it. I have one more needleweaving tidbit to show, and a two-part tutorial for weaving on a pin loom. If someone wants to see it, that is.

I think I will post the last bit of needleweaving this evening, when I’m done sorting my photographs and postpone the tutorials to the catchup month, which I’ll really need to finish the assisi and the trellis stitch pieces.

Here I show you two old experiments with needleweaving which I didn’t like enough to finish.

A cardboard loom, with warp threads in all directions. It is about ATC-sized and done in pearl cotton #8, I found I didn’t like the colours.


In this one I practiced needlelace stitches on a coconut fiber background similar to my needleweaving tree, the round thing is teneriffe lace, which is techically a form of needleweaving.



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