Needleweaving on Coconut Fiber Background

After the failure with the lavander linen fabric (it frays when I try to expose threads for needleweaving) I decided to try something completely different.

The background for this a stiff sheet of glued cocnut fiber, as it’s often used for fancy postcards. It is hard to do real surface embroidery on it because it is so stiff and irregular, but needleweaving and needlelace work beautiful. I like to work with it.

Her I have laid the foundation threads for the needleweaving. Click on it to enlarge.

When laying long threads, anchor them in the ground every one or two cm. I show two examples here. When you weave, weave over two foundation threads together. When you come to a place where a thread is stitched into the ground, just weave on over the remaining thread.

Here you see the first part of the actual needleweavin. I hope it is obvious enough how it is done.



The last thing I show now is how I hide the beginnings and endings of threads. Since this piece won’t be washable anyway this is secure enough.


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