Artisan Craft Fair

Last weekend I visited an artisan craft fair with my family. The reason why I wanted to go there (well, aside from all the other eye candy and merrymaking) was one very special booth, that of Weissnäherei Beckenbauer.

They sell household linen and such sewn and hand embroidered in the traditional way, their family has done so for many generations. They still run a business with many employed emboideres as they used to. They have lots of stuff with long and short stitch, but also gorgeous needlelace and richelieu whitework. I would have loved to get

one of those but they were out of my price range, and rightly so. For the crazy quilters, they also have wonderful handmade lace. If you happen to be somewhere near their shops, do check them out! (Yes, I did ask permission for posting this at their booth, and no, I’m not affiliated with them in any way)

Weissnäherei Beckenbauer
Galgenstrasse 44
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Phone: 09861/933344

Weissnäherei Beckenbauer
Gattenhofen 85
91628 Steinsfeld
Phone/Fax: 09861/933803

Now here is the little lavander cushion i bought. Not that I need any more needlework in the house, but I had to have one of theirs.




Well, these guys were nesting on a roof right next to the artisan fair. I think I never saw a wild one up close like this. It was still too far away for my little cam, so sorry for the grainy pic.

Well, this was the band that played in the afternoon, acoustic revolution. Only guitar, mandolin, accoustic bass and a singer with a great voice, playing oldies and 80ies classics. not usually what i would listen to at home, but they fit perfectly for the day, and made us stay at the beer garden all afternoon, although we had planed for little more than a quick shopping trip.

The rest I bought was either presents for next christmass or boring stuff like felting wool.


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