Stitching On: Outlines and Internal Fillings on my Assisi Project

So I’m working on my stuff slowly but surely, in between cleaning up the garden and enjoying the fine weather in other ways. The whole thing is going to be more “Sharon-style” than traditional assisi work of course. This Prym iron-on pattern pen fades within a months or so, so I’m trying to finish all the outlines quickly. I’m doing only the dark parts inside the onion in long and short stitch, I plan to use something more textured on the outside.

This I did in the evening, in a room not too well lit.

And this in daylight.

I think the difference does show. I will need better lights. But these also show that I will have to pracrice long and short stitch a lot more. I’m doing it with 3 strands of floss here to match the coarse linen.

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