Assisi Work -Continued

I described here what ideas I had about assisi work and how I started my design process.

I decided that the first drawing in my last post was best.So I copied it unto transparent paper by simply drawing the outlines after putting the transparent paper over the original drawing, then tried to get all the black and white right. I used in part copic marker, in part Faber-Castell brush marker. This is the result.


Next, I used a pencil for making iron-on patterns and drew along the lines of the outlines of the motif . The ironing on is best done on a hard surface to get good presure and make sure nothing shifts. As you can see, the frame was ironed on first and the bulb was moved away from the end of the area to stitch a bit. Unfortunately not all lines were drawn strong enough to show well after ironing on.

Warning: Don’t do this like I did this time! The marker gave off funny smells that made me dizzy during ironing. Don’t heat paint or marker colour not intended for this! Do a copy in pencil on another sheet of transparent paper if you have used marker, then draw with iron-on pattern pencil onto the back of it to avoid getting a mirror image of your pattern.


I reinforced the iron-on pencil drawing and braved the stench a second time, but it didn’t really get better. I guess that pencil doesn’t work too well with linen like this that has bulks and is rather uneven. So i started stitching. I used cotton a broder for the outlines because I found I don’t have any black floss and the shops are shut on important church hollidays here. I’m going to get floss for the roots I think. Now here is how far I got. I know it’s not that impressive but i fear I’ll miss the deadline if I don’t post something now. Stay tuned for the next updates.


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