Sketchcrawl, we did it!

So me and two other sketchers met and had a good time. It was the first really warm weekend of the year, so we sketched in a little park, the Hofgarten. After that we went to a little courtyard and continued there but what I did there was too pathetic to show. I so need more practice! We finished the day at a very good tai restaurant. We didn’t get much done because we all had to leave early, but it was a fun day and we hope to repeat that soon.

I know 15th of April will be soon, I should get going on the assisi challenge. I already bought thread if that counts a little bit lol.


I also couldn’t keep my beloved camera in the pocket on this day, but more on that on other occasions. Here are some photographs I took today in the garden, and with those I wish you a happy spring festival, no matter if you call it easter or something else. Celebrate Life!




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