More Algerian Eye Stitch and some Arrowhead stitch

Yet another section of my sampler. The diamond shapes in the middle are filled with Eylet stitches turned to stand on a tip. I always stitched into every hole. For the big shape and the small shape surrounded with running stitches I used 4 strands of stranded cotton. In the small shapes on both sides I used one strand for the same stitch. The non-pulled variant surrounded by running stitches is the classical canvas eylet stitch.

The eylet patterns should be easy enoug to figure out, if not just ask. the middle row of the one in the upper left corner was done using valdani sewing thread matched to the pearl cotton.

The three arrowhead section show that this stitch did not exactly inspire me when I started using it. We will see later how that changed. the patcch in the lower right corner is a good example why it is also called knitting stitch.

This time you can click the image to enlarge it.



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