Last Weekend’s Melting Project

OK, so I did melt something last weekend, sorry I didn’t get round to posting it sooner. It was done like the sample last weekend, just a bit more elaborate. This is jute scrim, embroidered with organza torn in stripes, organza ribbon and knitting yarn made from manmade fibers. As you can see, I used some chain stitch to produce a more structured embroidery than by just weaving the threads into the scrim.


This is after heatgunning the whole thing. I know it is not that different from last week.


After heatgunning, I put it between two layers of crincled organza (it was sold as curtain fabric) with spunfab (like bondaweb) on each piece of organza. The organza is lilac in colour, I’ll have to shoot this again in better light.


2 responses to “Last Weekend’s Melting Project

  • jowynn

    I’m still enjoying your melting experiments. I’m about to try Lutradur for a project, but not melting it. Have you also tried melting Tyvek? I like the effects I get, just with an iron.


  • tenar72

    Thank you Jowynn. I have not yet tried Tyvek, although I enjoy to see what other people do with it. In fact I had trouble getting some and was not sure the stuff sold for gardening purposes here really is the same. But two weeks ago I saw Tyvek in a local quilt shop! So I’ll try it soon, but first thing I want to finish my actual series of samples, and that may take some more weekends.


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