What I’m currently working on

Here I show the artsy piece I’ve been working on during this vacation. I didn’t really want to show it before it is finished, but it ties in so nicely with other things that have been going on lately. I’m going to post something about what it means to me, and how I did the melted fabric background when it is finished.

The background of this was made from jute band, polyester organza and lutradur, all baked together with a flat iron on a background of batiste. All these are materials not exactly known for their durability, and when ironed they are kind of brittle too. (I will finish it off with another layer of sheer fabric because of this). Working on this made me think even more about the conservation issues discussed a few postings earlier. But doing this is so much fun that I think I will do it again anyway.

The other thing about this that made me think is that I only used kantha-like running stitches and seed stiches on it. This makes sense, it has so much colour and texture that intricate stitching on top of this would be either overwhelming or just messy. But it is strange how rarely the complicated stitches I love to practice find their way into my more artsy stuff. I love doing complicated needlework, but I often have problems integrating it into modern work. I so would want my work to express the whole me, so this is annoying me a bit. Something I will have to work on.

the piece I'm actually working on

the piece I'm actually working on


2 responses to “What I’m currently working on

  • Donna

    I love your color scheme! Will it be a wall hanging, or what do you have planned for these beautiful colors!


  • tenar72

    Hi Donna,
    Thanks for looking, I’m glad someone other than me likes the colour scheme. Yes, it will be a kind of wall hanging, but probably destined to go into a glass frame because it is small (roughly DIN A-4) and somewhat brittle due to the melting process.


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