More variants of raised chain stitch

In a comment to my last post Elizabeth pointed me to the book of M. E. Wilkinson, “Embroidery stitches” of 1912 which is online here (Thank you so much Elizabeth, and sorry for abusing your answers as anchors for my own blog postings).

This book has two very similar stitches, horn stitch and anchor stitch, which are the same as the stitch I have shown in my last post, with the very small difference that the single stitches are not directly connected. All three are in fact variants of raised chain stitch. Jet another related stitch would be tete-de boeuf-stitch. There are two variants of it, these two stitch dictionaries have them: Rissa’s stitch dictionary and . Please look them up, I don’t want to set deep links on them without asking. Elizabeth has experimented with this one too: her postings about tete-de boeuf-stitch it is funny how sometimes small variations get a ton of different names. But it was fun to dig through all this.

I tried some of them out on my sampler, although they are not on the list. I hope this section won’t stand out too much from the overall design. I think I will do some more experiments with them, but not too soon because I must fit them in with the rest ofthe piece, because I don’t want to work on lots of scraps that don’t get finished then.

1: pulled-through cable stitch, 2: horn stitch 3: threaded arrowhead stitch (for the sake of progress with the stitch list) 2: anchor stitch (longer tie-down stitch) 4: connected tete-de-boeuf-stitches

more raised chain stitch variants

more raised chain stitch variants


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