I am back

I’m sorry for the unanounced blogging break. Every weekend I thought I’m going to write a couple of blog posts but just didn’t. I have a stressful job, and haven’t had any significant time off for 9 months, so I was kinda burned out lately. But now I have 2 weeks off and really hope to relax and get a few things done.

I did not completely abandon stitching, I worked on my sampler a bit on the commute. The thing is 1 meter long and a bit more than one third is done now. I didn’t do any stitches exept algerian eyes, a little bit arrowhead, a little bit smyrna stitch and many, many more variants of algerian eye. I’m obsessed with this stitch and don’t care that I am. I can always buy another length of aida band and do the others….

This was planned as a mere doodlecloth, strange how rhythm and style have crept in…

I think I will eventually post closeups of all the different pattern variations, but not right now. I think I’ll put this on hold for the vacation and work on things that are less portable and save this project for the daily commute.

please click on the pic to enlarge it

this is the beginning of my stitch along sampler

this is the beginning of my stitch along sampler


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