I’ve been tagged!

By Jowynn , and I feel honoured, although these are not exactly the kind of questions I would like to anwer in public. So these are the questions:

1. What was I doing ten years ago?
2. Five things on my To Do list today
3. Snacks that I enjoy
4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire
5. Places I’ve lived

Hard to say, that feels like ages ago. I was 25 then, and my CV says it was my second year of study at university. So it was about two months before my first really important examn, and I was studying like mad because statistics said that 60% of applicants will fail, and you get only 3 stabs at it. On top of that, the regular end of term examns were still ahead, and I needed to pass them all to be admitted to the big examn. I remember it was a wonderful summer, and my family just couldn’t understand why I was brooding over books all the time instead of going out and doing stuff with them. I did allright on all those examns, so it was worth the resulting quarrels with them.

It’s sunday and I’ve got a cold as I write this, so my to do list isn’t 5 things long. All I really wanted to do was to write a blog post or two, what I hereby did, laze about and drink lots of ginger tea, what I did either.

Basically anything greasy or sweet and decidedly unhealthy. Potato crisps and similar snacks in all tastes and forms. French fries and burgers. Icecream, chocolate and so on. I’m so glad I don’t put on weight easiely. I do like vegetables and fruit, but they are not what I’m really craving, especially not when it comes down to frustration eating.

I honestly don’t know. At my very core I am a lazy person, so I guess this wouldn’t end pretty. Probably I’d get myself a comfortable little house with a nice garden and spend the rest of my life tending the roses or sitting in the sun drinking beer. I would sure buy myself more expensive toys than I do now, but not different ones. Of course I would donate some money, and make some half-hearted attempts to do halfway useful stuff like getting better at arts and crafts, but I guess that would be it.

Basically, I spent most of my life in the same little backwater town in Bavaria, Germany where I grew up and still live. Naming this one would tell too much about me since it’s small. I commuted to bigger towns nearby for study or work most of the time, sometimes I even had to get a room for the week where I worked, but I never could overcome my inertia and really move somewhere else. I’m not even especially in love with this place, more like convinced that the world isn’t any different somewhere else, but a lot less convenient and familiar.

now I’m supposed to tag 5 other people. That’s difficult, since I don’t know who has alredy been tagged and who not, and who likes to be tagged and who not. Like always with those things, my selection is kinda random.

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4 responses to “I’ve been tagged!

  • jowynn

    Thanks for your good wishes, and I have enjoyed reading about you.

    Speaking of Germany, I just started watching Berlin Alexanderplatz, which is grim and ugly, and beautiful. It’s 13 episodes, so I don’t know whether my interest will sustain me through all of them. I enjoy hearing the spoken German. My husband used to be fluent in German, having spent several years there. Very nice to hear from you! I enjoy your work so much.


  • Diana

    I’m also a regular follower, I think you’re very talented.


  • Monika

    As you don´t usually reveal much about yourself I have enjoyed reading this post very much, both funny and wise. Thank you for sharing!


  • tenar72

    Dear Jowynn, Diana and Monika,
    Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate that you care enough to answer to such a personal posting. I’m sorry I’m answering late, I was away from the blogging world for a while.


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