my stab at Sharon’s stitch along

So time has proven TIF is kinda too much for me at the moment. All it does is make me start more wips I don’t have time or energy to finih really. Sorry for that. I know I have to stop being this haphazard. So i decided to sign up for something actually doable for me, that would be Sharon’s new challenge, stitch along. All you have to do is try out stitches from a list. I decided to do something really basic and quick this time. So I got 1 meter of this prefabricated aida band. I hemstitched both ends because on such a small scale, this is less of a hazzle than hauling out the sewing machine for me. On second thought, I should have done nun stitch and a fringe on the lower end, it’s on the list, after all. Well I still can undo the hem and go this route if I really want to.

This is not going to be a real sampler, more of a doodle cloth. Probably I’ll roughly do the stitches alphabetically, but I’ll leave out the pulled stitches for now and everything else that doesn’t work on Aida. Also I might leave out stitches I have explored in depth before. This is about learning, not about showing off I guess.

Well, here is the to end. I wahted to stitch “stitch along” on top, then realized that this might be an unfair case of starting early, since chain stitch is on the list either.

4 responses to “my stab at Sharon’s stitch along

  • paulahewitt

    the width of adia band is a great for a sampler lilke this. when i did a sampler it was wider and i kept getting bored by the end o fthe row. I havent even thought about how i’ll do the stitch-along, not a good sign that I will start and /or finish it! I’m haphazard with my challenge stuff too


  • tenar72

    My samplers usually ended up being a wild jumble of patches and rows in different directions because I got bored from straight rows – let’s see how I’ll do on this one! This is the small siza aida band, I’m posting a size tomorrow when I can find a ruler, in fact I wanted a broader one but couldn’t find it at the shops near main station and had no tome for shopping arround.


  • sharonb

    Hay this is great The aida band is a good idea. Since you started early this means I can start mine too LOL


  • tenar72

    Hey, thanks for dropping by Sharon! I’m honoured that my blog is read by someone like you!


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