New digital Camera – and a museum visit

Sorry you didn’t hear from me for a long time. I feel kinda uncreative these days. I finally made a decision and treated myself with a digital camera – this one. Time will tell if the decision to spend that much money on a compact camera was good, but right now I’m in love with it.

Yesterday I saw this exhibition about the table silver of the Russian Tsars and used the opportunity to try out the “museum mode” of the camera. The Exhibition itself was interesting because it had loads of history, but most of the silver shown was too baroque for my taste. I’m showing one shot and a detail of the same. The shot is technically a failure, seems I moved the camera too early after pressing the button – it has 4 seconds max time for a shot, and flashlight was not allowed in the museum. But it still shows the details of that silver plate niceky and I like it’s athmosphere. Anyway, it is amazing you can take pictures there at all, with bad light and through glass. My long-dead analog camera wasn’t able to do that. please click on the pictures to enlarge.


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