A painting

So I got round to something halfway creative this weekend either. I worked a bit on this acrylic picture. It is supposed to be something halfway between a water swirl and an abstract spiral. I started it as an experiment about working with little glass beads and mirror shards embedded in acrylic gel. It took ages because I had to add the embedded stuff in multible sessions to avoid accidentally ruining my own work again and it always took long to dry. I’m not entirely shure if I’ll leave it as is or give it some finishing toughes.


6 responses to “A painting

  • paulahewitt

    Wow – this is really nice. i love spirals and the colours are great – lots of depth and movement


  • Lynda Monk

    I must have missed the earlier post about this technique. This looks wonderful. It makes you feel like you are being drawn down into the centre of the spiral. You certainly achieved what you were aiming for.


  • tenar72

    Lynda, you missed nothing. This is a painting on canvas board, with glass applied via acrylic heavy gel medium, no fiber art. I didn’t post about this before because it is too clunky to fit in a scanner and I had no camera. I will post a how-to next time I do this, but it may take a while. I’m glad someone likes it, thank you.


  • Crazyqstitcher

    I like the delicate colours and the spiral. I half expected to find a head, thinking you were inspired by your turtle, the photo of which is good also.


  • tenar72

    Thank you, Crazystitcher! In fact I started this long before I took the turtle photo. But you are giving me ideas…


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