frustration shopping – and a stitched wild tulip

Working is bad. It eats time you should spend drinking beer and watching trash TV, or even do the really important things in life, such as blogging.

I worked on the hemstitched background but I’m not yet done. I went shopping when work got at me and saw this beautiful fine linen cheescloth. Again for only one quarter of what similar fabric would cost in the needlework corner of the same shop, so I got 3 meters. Then of course I had to try what I can do with it. I did a little tryout piece. I know it’s nothing special, but I did all of it on the commute so I had to do with a little impromptu scetch of a wild tulip and such stitches as I know by heart.

I bought two paintbrushes and a black copic marker on the same occasion either, as if I haven’t too much art supplies already. And now I stumbled about a post by Paula Hewitt about affluenza, the lifestyle of having too much. I find good reasons for buying more and more fabric whenever the fabric shop has cheap stuff. I guess I must be more careful, or I’ll end up with one of these huge mountains of stash so many people lament about.


3 responses to “frustration shopping – and a stitched wild tulip

  • paulahewitt

    I love the tulip, Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog – I like finding new blogs to read!


  • Michele

    Lovely tulip – shadowwork embroidery and needleweaving – I would not have thought to put these two techniques together – inspiration :). It also makes me want to get out the scrim I have been wondering what to do with…


  • tenar72

    Thank you, Paula and Michele!

    Michele, that was not inspiration, but reading old stuff. Therese de Dillmont in the encyclopaedia of needlework calls a combination of shadowwork and pulled thread embroidery similar to what I did “Dresden Lace”. The encyclopaedia is online, but it is late and I don’t have the link handy. I’ll post it on the blog when I find it. I have worked a bit more on the tulip, I will post more pictures soon.


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