tif 3 – the background fabric

Yes, my blog has got a new look. I just couldn’t see the old theme any more, I wanted something more clean. I’m not really happy that I ended up with one of the most used themes now, but it is definitely one of the best. All others that I might have liked were too narrow and ate parts of my old pictures, making the posts look odd. Now I’ll nave to find out how to change the header picture, and design something decent. I will have to learn CSS one day to be able to have a more customised theme, but I’m too busy for that now.

But now to business. I wrote before you will get to see the background fabric for my tif 3 sampler, and here it is. It is a cheap non-evenweave 100% Linen that was sold for clothes and such. You do get perfect evenweave that looks similar, but for thrice the price. So this one will have to do. I folded the edges and I’m busy doing a ladder hemstitch all arround without any machine sewing. This was the traditional hem for almost all decent needlework in my area one or two generation ago. It takes a lot of time, but I find it is a very peaceful and soothing activity, I love doing it.
It looks a bit untidy because I didn’t hide any loose ends yet. The side shown is traditionally the wrong side, but I will use it as right side because it shows how the hemstitching and the corners are done. Details of my craft. I think this will also be the title of the finished piece.
I have finished the first round, but t is aproximately 50*90 cm in size so this step will keep me busy for another week. “Good things like to take their time” as we say here.

background fabric


3 responses to “tif 3 – the background fabric

  • Lynda

    Your new blog looks really good – I think its time I changed mine.
    Thats a very lengthy project you are undertaking there, good luck with it. I know I wouldn’t have the patience.
    And I am sure there are lots of people that take an interest in your blog – just because they don’t comment it doesn’t mean they don’t read it. Keep up the good work :))


  • Michele

    I like the new look, and I’m also still trying to figure out how to change my header to put in a photo instead of the yukky green squares that came with the template…


  • tenar72

    Yet another new look – because I found out that the good-looking template isn’t working with netscape, and probably more old browsers. I still like this ione better than the previous one.
    I’m still busy stitching.


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