tif 4 – and some more tif 3

So the month of march is over. Where has the time gone? My march tif is nowhere near done, and this time I’m determined it before I start something new. I’m not that happy about this months’s challenge anyway. Up to this point, I tried to work with both the colour palette and the topic, but I honestly don’t know how to do a piece about life and its cycles in such dull colours. So I will probably pass this one.

For March tif, I have bought a nice linen fabric for the background. I’m planning to do something really big this time which may look good as a wall hanging. You will get to look at my progress as soon as I have something to show, in the mean time I have got some scraps I haven’t posted jet.

Here is one more scrap for last months tif. I stitched kunin felt with wire that was supposed to keep it flat when I heat it. Then I heatgunned it as brutally as I could. My heat gun is one of those from the hardware store, it does 300° Celsius. As you can see, it did a good job on the felt, it even altered the colours. The part that was less heaviely stitched curled up totally, the heaviely stitched part was deformed considerably.

The first picture is before heatgunning, the second one after. The pictures were scanned and prepared the same way, so they show the actual shrinkage of the piece. Of course, it is very stiff now, probably it doesn’t fit the description of Fiber any more.

Before heatgunning:
scrap8 unheated

scrap 8 heatgunned


3 responses to “tif 4 – and some more tif 3

  • Lynda

    The heat gunned piece looks wonderful. Is it the true colour? Did it really change that much?


  • Fiona D

    That’s an astonishing transformation – it would fit with April’s theme too


  • tenar72

    Lynda, my monitor is showing me the true colours, but it might be wrong. The unheated piece is reddish violet, the heated one is red-orange with yellow and violet parts. The change is indeed dramatic, I love this felt very much.

    Fiona, now you have half persuaded me to go and buy brown kunin felt and try my hand on it. I guess I’ll have a busy weekend.


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