melting organza – more details

So i’ve done a few more mini-samples.

For the first one, I embroidered lazy daisies in cotton floss on kunin felt, then added green polyester organza, adn two more lazy daisies on top to keep the layers together, then I ironed the whole thing.

scrap 3 unironed

scrap 3 ironed

For the next one, I trapped thread and fabric sniplets between white batiste and green organza as top layer, then ironed. The organza melted and trapped the sniplets all right, but the surface is very brittle. I will have to layer this with chiffon or organza for the finished piece. I still like the effect very much.


scrap 4 unironed

For the last, I trapped a piece of jute band between batiste and organza. Same effect as the last, same brittle surface. But it does stick together.

scrap 5 unironed



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