tif 3 – my plans for the rest of the month

Another hard week at work, another work without much creativity. The only thing I really did was play arround a little bit. Did you know that polyester organza melts at the cotton setting of your flat iron? I didn’t. Also I didn’t know that kunin felt can stand such temperatures when ironed through baking paper.

For the first sample I stitched a piece of green organza onto a piece of plum kunin felt with cotton embroidery floss, the ironed. The organza melted completely, stuck to the felt very well and formed a smooth plastic-like surface, and it is still soft. Next, I melted a piece of the same organza onto a piece of cotton embroidery fabric. That didn’t go qoite so well. The organza did stick to the cotton, but it broke at places and the surface became sort of brittle. In both cases, there was no harm done to the cotton components.

Now this is going to be my project for the rest of the months: I will pay more attention to the deatails of my craft/art instead of just playing. I will do little pieces in several techniques that are about melting fabric, in some way, no matter if with the heat gun or the flat iron. Hopefully, I will be fast enough that I have a few to sew onto a background by the end of the month. This will be my “details of using heat with textiles” sampler.

melted organza


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