new additions to my blog roll

One of the good effects of the take it further challenge is that I get to see lots of blogs that are new to me. They are all interesting and give me loads of new ideas, and it is probably quite arbitrary which ones I decide to add to my blog roll. So don’t be sad if your blog is not here. Nevertheless, I want to introduce a few of my new additions and invite you to have a look at them.

Monica from red to white blogs about her participation in the take it further challenge. Her blog is quite new, but very nice. She does nice embroideries, and shares her techniques freely. She is also a good writer and has interesting memories to share.

Vivian of Vivian in stitches does quilts, most of them pictorial. The blog also has lots of posts which are a good read, and lots of beautiful and skillfully done nature photographs. She takes part in the take it further challenge.

Jenny of Jenny’s Australian needleart blogs about her needlework. I found her via the take it further challenge either. Her work is very varied, it ranges from modern to traditional, from machine stitching digitized images to traditional reticella. She also has some nature photographs.

Angela from The adventures of angelcat is another take it further challenge participant. Her blog has loads of cross stitch, but also forays into modern needlework, and lots of cat pictures. And yes, also some great nature photography. I do admit that I’m in the mood for looking at such photos these days.

Mixpix from displays nature in stitches rather than in photographs, but in a really gorgeous way. She also does bobbin lace and needlelace.


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