tif 2 – yet another postcard

Well, what the title says. I can’t seem to stop myself. One of the years when the war was raging in former Yougoslavia, my family went on holidays to Spain instead of there. We did like it but it was just not the same, and I couldn’t forget why we had to go there. We were near Barcelona, which is the Capital of Catalonia . There was a “free Catalonia” Graffiti all over the place, and the people spoke French with the tourists rather than Spanish. Heh, I know there won’t be a catalan revolution any time soon, but way back when their malicious gossip about the Spaniards reminded me of our Croatian landlord’s speeches about the Serbians, which we never took any more serious than Bavarians railing against the Prussians. An uncomfortable kind of deja vu.
On the technical side, I did the same as with the last two postcards, just a different top layer. The word was painted onto the fabric after ironing the bondaweb on, because writing it mirrored so that it will turn out right after ironing the bondaweb on seemed too much hazzle.

spain painted

Now this is the same, with white silk chiffon ironed on top. It looks very muted, blurry, and, well, silky. I do like the effect, although I’m not sure it fits the mood of this postcard. The red word didn’t make a difference for ironing the top layer on.

spain overlaid

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