tif 2 – another postcard from the past

I was so fascinated by the new technique I had just learned (using painted bondaweb) that I went to do another piece for the february take it further challenge instead of finishing something old. Seems I’m in one of my creative frenzies.
This one shows the coast line of the place at croatia where we used to go on vacation before the war there.

I used the same base fabric, bondaweb painted in the three acrylic colours I mentioned in my post about the tif colour palette, and covered it with deep blue nylon chiffon. The whole piece is more soft and you see more from the colours on the bondaweb because the nylon fabric is very delicate.

Here, you see the base fabric with the painted bondaweb already ironed on:
croatia 1

Next, you see the piece after ironing on the nylon chiffon:
croatia 2

Last, I show a pic after doing some stitching. Right now I think I’ll probably leave it alone at this stage. sometimes, less is more.This was much softer to stitch than the piece with polyester organza as top layer.
croatia 3

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