tif 2 -some more progress

OK, here is my february tif piece as it looks today. I katha stitched all over it, and think, I’ll leave it as is for now. I’ll just have to think up some solution for the finishing. I’ll either back it with something and finish it with a kind of quilt bindin or just machine stitch arround the edge. Next time I do something similar I will leave more fabric arround the finished picture, about 1 cm. That will make finishing it easier. Hey, I’ve got a job now! I can buy more fabric if I run short of it.stitching this felt funny because the bondaweb renders the fabric rather stiff.

About my rant last week, on re-reading it I think it might sound offensive to some readers. Of course, I don’t mind if others work decoratively, or abstract. In fact I read many blogs of such people and enjoy their works. It’s just not what I feel driven to create. So, sorry if I stepped on anybody’s toes. This is probably as stupid as as the art versus craft debate.

desert 2

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