tif 1 – Steven Tyler

So my good intentions from last week already kick in – all the typing and mouse handling at my new job are getting hard right on my right arm and hand. I’m a lefty, but never learned to crochet and knit with my left hand , so these occupations are no go at the moment – and appear the best thing to do in the worl right now, of course :-;

But the upside of this is that I finally got going on my tif project. I chose Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame as the object of my admiration. I don’t really know why exactly him of all the idols of my booze and party years. The more obvious candidates like Jimmy Morrison, or the members of bands like AC/DC , Metallica or the Red Hot Chilli Peppers so did not fit the colour scheme for my feeling. And steven is definitely beautiful. So it was the early nineties, me and my friends used to be drunk all weekend and hung over til thursday, the more crazy friends kept quarreling who of them was the reincarnation of Jimmy Morrison, and what substances it would take to find out for sure – just don’t ask… Well, most of us turned to more sober ways of life after two or three years and so did I.

After that question was settled, I went on to consult wikipedia and a few other websites about him. Way back we just liked the music, his beautiful face, his wildness, we were way too self-obsessed to care about anybody as a human being. Now I read the story of his heroin dependence and how he overcame it, saved the band and continued to make the wonderful music I still like to hear. This toughed me deeply. Don’t worry, my inner demons listen to more harmless names, but I can relate to the feeling of loosing control over your life. It’s all about finding your inner strength in the end. I guess I admire him more now than “woo he’s hot” although he definitely is. Right now I have started a stressful job in a field that is quite new to me after being out of work for a long time. It is not exactly easy but until now I’m coping all right. So the topic fits my life at the moment. Sorry if this was an incomprehensible rant.

On the technical side, I’m using plasic tulle they are selling cheaply for carnival clothing. Ipronted out a picture of Steven on strong paper and sew the tulle on. I got the inspiration for this from Terese Dillmonts embroidery book. I nicked the picture from sexysteventyler.com , it’s not theirs either, after all. I’m planning to sew this on a greyish background and add some more layers when it’s done. Now I’ll either have to work really fast or do something quick and simple for tif2 to have time to finish this one.

tif1 a start

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