You made my day!

Kate tagged me for the ” you made my day” award. Thank you, I really feel honoured. Now I’m supposed to tag ten other people, and have a hard time chosing. There are so many nice people out there, and many have been already tagged.
First, there’s Jowynn , not only for the eye candy and inspiration she keeps providing but also for her exeptional personality. Her nice comments, and her open blog posts about her struggle with her disease mean very much to me.
Dancing crow because she does lots of absolutely wonderful work, never boasts about it, and I just read that she has two hamsters, just like me.
Lynda , the purple missus and Susan D, because their blogs expanded my view about what fiber art can be and inspired me to lots of experiments.
I know Elizabeth has been tagged for this often enough, but her blog just never ever fails to make my day.
Linda for all the eye candy she provides, in the form of fiber art, sketches and nature photographs.
Carol-Anne for her absolutely beautiful blog about chinese and other traditional needlework. Her photos and explanations are so good that Iearned from them although I’m no into chinese embroidery.
Crazystitcher for the sake of this funny embroidery
Jude for sharing her creative processes and wise thoughts about quilting so freely.
Charley Parker , a webcomic artist and professional illustrator who writes a great blog about art and artists, because I learn so much from his blog, and because I just had to tag someone a bit geeky. Of course, I won’t mind if he doesn’t have time for tagging people and such.

make my day


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