TIF 1 – admiration in dull colours

Now I finally tell you what my fussing at the end of the old year was all about – I have a new job. I signed the contract January 2, the day I started. I didn’t want to tell anybody before the contract was actually signed – superstition and such. Now I’ll have to see how much time I will have for stitching. I am very glad that I have a job, and the upside will be that I’ll have money to spend on craft supplies.

Sharon B has posted the first issue of the TIF challenge. the topic is admiration, the colour scheme rather dull green-grey, beige, violet and turquoise. Pam Kellogg posted DMC colour numbers for these, and I went ahead to buy them. By the way, please check out Pams blog, it is gorgeous. I think the violets and the turquoise are much too bright for the scheme Sharon posted, but there are not so many dull colours in the DMC palette. Maybe I can find fabric that matches them better. Below you see the yarn and the sampler.

Now, what to do with them? the topic of admiration left me cold at the first thought. I guess I’m too much of a cynic to truly admire someone, although I do have respect or love or both for many people. The colour scheme itself also doesn’t spark any ideas. It’s a strange mix of dull and candy colours which does not really speak to me.

I have decided to go with both the colour scheme and the theme of admiration anyway, and I think I have half of an idea. it will be about some Rock star I used to admire in my wild youth, combined with something about the downsides of such behaviour. I don’t have any details in mind yet, not even whom to pick. For now, I have doodled with the embroidery threads a little bit to see how the colours will work together when actually used. I have to say it turned out better than I thought it would. I think inspiration will come, and I still have three weeks. The mini sampler is far away from done, but I wanted to show something and share my thoughts on the first weekend.

threads for tif 1

sampler for tif 1


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