heat gun!

Yes, I got such a toy for christmass, and a book about how to use it. I had put it on the wish list after I saw a cheap one in a local . Si I bought kunin felf and some other plastic stuff for christmass. I was a bit terrified when I read the book and it said use a heat tool with 350 watt, because mine has 2000 watt, but it works just fine. The one I’m showing here is my second trial, the pictures of the fist are still inside my brother’s digicam.

the stuff on the left hand side and at the bottom of the right hand side is christmass present wrapping band, the other pink stuff is cheap plastic knitting yarn. I sprinkled some plastic beads on top before melting, but that didn’t go well because most of them got blown away. All this is going to need some practice.

test unheated

now this is the result after some melting. It is about half the size of the untreated piece.

test heated


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