New and old challenges

I’m sorry, there are still no updates on my embroidery, because I haven’t done any. There’s a lot going on in my life right now, maybe I’ll be able to tell you more in a few days or weeks, so I’m busy. Also, christmass and a few birthdays are looming, and everybody has knitted stuff on their wishlist. Stangely, no one ever wants something really creative for christmass. So I’m knitting until my fingers get sore, just like every year. Of course, I cannot really show these before christmass, so this place will be a bit empty until then.

Sharon Bogon, who was running the tast challenge, will launch another challenge on January first, which again will last one year. it is called the Take it Further Challenge and will be about design rather than about the stitches themselves . I have already signed up, and hope that everything will have calmed down a bit for me by then, so that I can participate in a meaningful way. The fact that it is a monthly challenge will surely make it easier.

Sharon has already posted a list of participants, it is here . As far as I know you can still sign up for it. I hope to read something from many of my readers and other tast participants next year. Of course you can take part if you haven’t been taking part in tast.

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