testing new techniques: painted bondaweb

I had four days off that vocational training seminar because of all hallow’s day. I used this time for getting a bit playful and creative. I’m sorry, I don’t remember in which blog I read about this technique. I painted bondaweb-like stuff (called vliesofix in Germany) with acrylics, let it dry and then ironed it on beige embroidery fabric. Next I removed the paper and ironed orange organza on top.

Well, it turned out way more dark and dull than I thought it would. Also, the whole thing got quite stiff. It looks better on the scan than IRL, really. Next time I’ll try white cambric as background. But first I’ll have to do something with this one. And catch up on tast. And work a bit on my other WISPs. Sigh.

I did do in progress scans, but I’m not going to force these onto you. Maybe I will post in-progress shots from some future similar piece, when I really can get good results with this technique.

painted bondaweb


3 responses to “testing new techniques: painted bondaweb

  • jowynn

    It may not be what you wanted to achieve, but to my eyes it looks very promising. It reminds me of the colors of that heavy wool yarn you just bought. Hm-m-m?


  • tenar72

    You’re right Jowynn! That wool yarn inspired me to do a few colour harmony experiments in acrylic paints (I might blog about them later when I run out of topics) earlier on the same day I did this. For painting the bondaweb I didn’t use exactly the same colours, but I think my previous experiments inspired me to choose warm, somewhat muted colours. On the other hand, the orange organdy and turquoise paint were consciously chosen as another step in my research on these colours. I usually have a strong tendency to work in series or at least do distantly related pieces.


  • crazyqstitcher

    I really like the colours in your work and if you think it dull, perhaps a few beads or stitches would liven it. Me, I’d be happy with it as is.


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